make these two commitments to yourself to be successful

To be successful, make these two commitments to yourself.

We work hard but still do not see the results we want in our lives. One of the reasons is our mindset which holds us back. Without the right mindset, nothing will work. If you really want to be successful, make these two commitments to yourself.

We all are searching for a path, a formula, a strategy or a guide to becoming successful. I have gone through hundreds of them. Some we very good, but others were not.

I have been working on personal development for more than six years now. In all these years, I have read hundreds of books and article on this subject and studied the life of successful people.

The most important lesson I learned through my journey is a plain and simple truth.

“Nothing will work unless you do, period.”


I used to believe that something will happen at the right time if I keep reading and studying personal development. But, it does not work that way. I am certain many of you also know that by now.

We need to push and we need to challenge ourselves on every step we want to take towards success.

While studying successful people, books and courses all these years, I recognized two commitment every self-made person made. In my opinion, these commitments were the main reason behind their success. These were the main ingredient of this recipe called success.

These personal commitments are found common in top Hollywood star, sports person, business person, politician, and many successful personalities.

Here are two commitments every one should make to be successful.

Commit to making mistakes.

make these two commitments

Different people said it in different ways, but the core message is always the same. They were not afraid of failures.

Successful people have accepted the truth that they will make mistake. In fact, Einstein has made a commitment that he will make as many mistakes as possible. He knew that this is the only way to greatness.

When a reporter asked Edison, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Fear of failures holds back a lot more people than rewards of success inspires to take action. Most people look at the mistake as a failure, but successful people consider mistake as learning.

Human history has enough evidence now that the success comes to those who hustle, who are not afraid of failure, and who are committed to making mistakes.

Make this your first commitment to yourself that you will make as many mistakes as possible so that you will not be afraid of making mistakes because you have already accepted mistakes as a reality.

Commit not to make the same mistake again.

Same MistakePhoto by Brendan Church

Making mistake becomes a failure if you do not learn from it. Failure is what stops people moving forward. Do not let your mistakes become your failures.

What you are today is because of the mistakes you have made. Your success is not the result of your achievements; it is the results of your mistakes.

Every mistake you make has a learning in it. It teaches you something which comes from your life’s experience. Your experience is your own and cannot be lived by anyone else.

Learn to see that teaching. Consider your mistakes as your teacher and sit with them for a while to understand what it tells you.

Once you will know this wisdom, it will guide you through your journey. It will tell you what you should do or should not do.

Not making the same mistakes again is simply means learning from those mistakes.

Make it your second commitment that you will learn from all your mistakes. You will take a step back and spend time with your mistake. You will hear what it has to say to you. And, you will use those learning for making progress in your life.

These two steps are not a guideline to achieve your success, but it is a paradigm which makes sure that you get there. Make these two commitments to yourself, if you really wants to be successful .

If you start your journey with this strong mindset, no obstacle can stop you from reaching your destination.

To your committed self


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