Things you should stop giving a f*ck about so you can focus on progress.

I have realised that the biggest set-backs we face in our life to achieve success are the f*cks we give to the things which do not really contribute to our progress. Here are 10 things you should stop giving a f*ck about.

We all have these experiences in which we just do not want to give a f*ck to a few things, but we end up giving too much energy to those things . I know I had. Thoughts like, it is disrespectful if I leave or it is not polite to ask or it is not good to say no in this situation and many more.

After working on personal development for more than four years now, I believe that my intuition is strong enough to guide me to choose the things where I should give a f*ck or not give a f*ck.

I also know that it can be hard when you start on this journey but believe me once you become the master of it, you feel like life is smiling at you. At least I feel this way now.

To begin your journey, I want to share a guide of 10 things you should sto giving a f*ck about, but let me warn you that it will not be easy. You might have to fight the voices coming from inside of you, but it will worth it.

People who bring negativity into your life

stop giving a f*uck

There are always negative people in your society, office, or even home. It is important that you understand who are these negative people and finish your relationship with them. If you cannot finish your relationship, you must keep a distance.

Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Choose your company very carefully. One simple rule to choose your friends is that the person should support you with your goals at least emotionally. If someone gives you all the reason in the world to prove that you will fail, he is not your friend. He might be a good person, but not your friend.

The same rule applies to your colleagues, neighbours and family members. If they are not supporting you with your goals, you need to discuss with them and come to an agreement on how they can support you and how you can support them to achieve their goals.

Stop giving a f*ck about the people who bring you negativity and complains.

What others think

In my opinion, it is one of the biggest reasons people stop taking action towards their goals and dreams.

From the moment you start caring about what other people think, you place yourself in a self-imposed prison. People will always judge you and give an opinion. They will tell you wrong every time they see you moving forward.

The truth is that people are judgemental and jealous because you are doing something they could not do.

When you make your mind, start moving towards your goals and stop giving a f*ck about what people think.



Years ago, I was a victim of perfection. I wanted everything perfect and the funny part is that I did not even know what does perfect means.

I wanted to start my website. I wanted to write. I wanted to start a Youtube Channel. But, I never took a step towards these goals because I always find telling myself that it is not perfect.

I now believe that the reason I was not starting was that I was afraid. I was afraid of failure, and judgement. I had thoughts like I am not good enough. And, when you have thoughts like these, you find perfection as an excuse. That was my excuse as well.

When I pushed myself and started on my goal one by one, I came to realise that perfection is a myth. It does not exist.

Stop giving a f*ck about it; you will move forward in a way you can never imagine.

Your past

That was a surprise for me when I realised how much people are worried about their past.

I have always been good at this. I never think of my past and that is the reason I regret nothing in my life. My past is simply my experience which made me who I am today and I embrace it. I own it with my whole being.

We can never change our past so why give a f*ck about it. What we can do is we can learn from it so just do that. Regretting it or blaming yourself for it will not solve anything today, but if you learn your lesson from it, it can make take you to the future you wish for yourself.

Gifts for friends and family

It is a mind-monster for some of my friends. How much time, money and energy they waste for finding the right gift for their friends and family and even worse for the people they do not even like.

In my opinion, it does not worth it. I give gifts to the people I genuinely care about. I do not mean that I do not care about the rest of the world. For some people in my life, I care about how I wanna make them feel.

For the rest of the world, I use gift cards or even cash so they can choose whatever they want and it saves me a lot of energy, time and money. If I do not want to give a gift, I just don’t.

I have realised that giving a gift is always about you, not about the person you are giving to.

Meetings which kill your time

stop giving a f*ck to meetingPhoto by Alejandro Alvarez

This is the biggest favour I did to myself that I stop giving a f*ck about the meeting which just kill my time.

I do not care if it is an office meeting, a friends gathering, a cousin marriage, my uncle’s daughter birthday party and office events. If I do not want to attend, I just don’t.

Believe me, people do not give a f*ck about you. It is your thoughts make you go there.

If it is costing you more than you can afford in term of money, time and energy, then do not punish yourself. You can achieve something bigger at this time than just to please a few people.

Identify the meetings which just kills your time and never commit your availability to them. Once you stop giving a f*ck about it, you will have more time for something meaningful to you or for chilling around on your own terms.

Social Media

Ok, this is a big one so let me start with a story.

I was watching a TED talk a few days ago. The speaker starts the talk with a question.

How many people remember working for 4 hours without interruption especially by phone?

There was a pin-drop silence in the room. He went on explaining how a device – your phone – which supposed to make you smarter is making you dumb.  

It steals your productivity and creativity. It makes you lazy and fat. It makes your tired. It kills your bond with your family. It forces you to stay awake late at night. There is no focus on anything as long as your phone is with you. I can keep going, but I think you got the point.

There is no need for you to stay updated with every single feed of thousands of people you follow on social media. Choose your following carefully. Use them for your development and use it in a timely manner. Once or twice for few minutes, every day is more than enough to go through your feed.

Make it a tool to grow and stop giving a f*ck about what is not your business.

Calorie counting

I have seen people who are scared to touch smoothies in the supermarket because they believe they will get fat if they have it and they happily go for a diet coke. How absurd is that?

For me, it is insane that we are moving away from all the natural food and filling us with rubbish just because it is lower in calorie.

Calorie counting is a false interpretation of healthy lifestyle spread into the world by the sugar industry. Do not fall for it.

Learn to follow your body. Our body is a highly intelligent system. It is us who forget to follow it. It tells you everything when to rest, sleep, eat and stop.

Do you feel good after eating a salad and bad after eating a burger? Do you stand up and stretch your body? Do you feel a burning in your stomach when you are Hungary?

Pay attention to your body. Eat when you are Hungary and stop when you feel ok. Choose natural and healthy food. Stop giving a f*ck about calorie counting and you will be fine. Believe me, it is that easy.



It is painful for me to see that some people identified themselves with the brands they wear. They refuse to create an identity for themselves, instead, they find it in the materialistic things such as cars, clothes and accessories.

I am not saying you should not wear brands. I also wear brands, but they are not my identity. I gave them an identity. I use them because some are of better in quality than others. I am not obsessing about them.

Most people use brands to show off because they need approval from others. They are in lack of self-love and self-esteem. Marketing agencies know it and this is why they present their brands as something to make you complete.

Do not use the brand to bridge the gap you have between you and your higher self. You are a higher being and you do not need anything to define you. You are complete as you are. Love yourself. Love who you are and do not give a f*ck about brands.


I never really understand what people in Europe or Asia have to do with news about President Trump. People do not only talk about it for hours but also they are stressed about it.

I understand if you need to go to the USA and his decision is becoming a roadblock for you, but in most cases no. His decision does not affect your life and even if it affects you really cannot change it so stop giving a f*ck about it.

I am not just talking about Trump, but everything which brings you nothing but stress.

Use this energy to create your life. In a few years, you will be in a position when you really can do something about it.

I have learned that life is fun when you learn how to live it fully. These f*cks you choose your life to fill with are stopping you to enjoy the best of it.

In my experience, I have achieved abundance in money, time, and energy, once I stop giving a f*ck about everything which is not moving me to my goals.

Start with the things I have mentioned and you will see how life inside you will start to feel complete.

To your complete life,


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