secret to being healthy

The secret to being healthy is stop being unhealthy.

There is a secret to being healthy. Most health coaches will tell you to exercise, run, meditate, but the true secret of being healthy is stop being unhealthy. 

According to NHS, 58% of women and 65% of men were overweight or obese in the UK in 2014. Worldwide, the number of obese people rose to 641 million in 2014 from 105 million in 1975, according to the study. Global obesity rates almost tripled for men to 11% of the total from 3.2% in 1975, while among women it nearly doubled to 15% from 6.4% in 1975.

And it is getting worse every year. With all the improvements in our lives, we are losing the most precious thing we have our health. Every year, scientists find a new disease. The worst part is there is no cure for some of the new ones.

When it comes to health, it has become an idea now. Around 50 to 60% of the population in any developed nation talks about being healthy, but unfortunately, the same percentage is unhealthy. In reality, health is the natural state of our being. It is us who have screwed it up. Our societies have become so unhealthy over the years in general that we need to put more energy on this subject than we ever did before.

So what can we do to return to our natural state of being? First, we must understand what health is. Health is the natural state of our body where our body and mind function the way it supposed to be.


There are only four things we can take care to achieve optimum health.

Ear food which comes from the nature, not from the factory.

A simple rule which you can follow is to eat things which come directly from nature such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and wheat etc. not from the factories. In addition to this, we must reduce the amount of meat we eat daily.

The idea is to eat the things which have a different structural system than a human. Animal’s structure shares lots with human’s structure. According to experts, 100 gram/week is sufficient quantity of meat for a human to meet all the nutrition and protein requirements.

These requirements can also be easily meet with vegetarian choices. So next time, when you are buying something to eat, make your decision based on this logic. This is the first secret of being healthy.

Observe your body and mind

Observe yourself

Every part of our body has its own intelligence system. It communicates with us in every way it can. For example, how do you feel when you eat a salad or fried food? Your feeling is different both times, right? It is because communication occurs between you and your body which tells you the feeling.

The same thing happens when you play two different games such as badminton and football. You feel tired, but the communication of your arms and legs to you is completely different from playing these two different games.

This is the secret. You must learn to listen to your body. It takes some practice and time, but it is possible. It is inbuilt in our nature. That is why babies know when to stop drinking milk because they are aware of this communication.

They know health and happiness is our natural state. When we are children, there is something needs to be done to make us sad, but as we have grown up, there is something needs to be done to make us happy. We have completely reversed the equation.

Every time you eat something, notice how much and what you had. Make a list of all the items which give you the good feeling about yourself. Just eat those items in that quantity.

Move your body at every chance you get. 

Move your body

With the improved infrastructure, we are using our body lesser and lesser. Now stairs are replaced by lifts, walking is replaced by cars and scooters and the list goes on. These things which are made to make our life comfortable and quick also make us lazy.

Once we start using these things, we are more reluctant to use our body because repetition turns into habit within no time.  That is one reason, why we do not want to exercise in our free time as well.

One thing we all must understand that our body is only alive because we move. The lesser we use it the sooner we kill it. Do you know if you tie your hand with your waist for 3 months; you would not be able to use it anymore? It will die. The same goes for your body and mind. The more you use it the better it gets.

It needs the guts to make positive changes in life. Make some rules for yourself which makes your health better. Here is another secret of being healthy. Use only the stairs. If the building is tall, then on the first three floors of the building. Up to two miles journey from home, prefer walking.

Daily 11000 steps are mandatory excluding gym. Exercise min. 30 mins four times a week. Use your body whenever you can at every chance you have. Believe me, you will do a great favor to yourself and your body will thank you for that.

Do whatever you can to kill the everyday stress.

Reduce your stress

Stress is one of the leading cause of most of the diseases, directly or indirectly. One way you can understand this is that stress reduces your immune system drastically. Our body needs hours to recover from the damage caused by stress in seconds. It is all about our mental health. Our mental health has a direct result of our physical health.

Mental health is formed by your attitude and your actions. Dedicate some time every day just to deal with the stresses. It does not have to be hours. Just 15 to 20 minutes of dedicated time is enough to do it.

There are few thing you can do every day. Practice meditation every day. Stop judging everything. Have less expectation from others. Accept that everything does not have to go according to you. Do not compare yourself with others. Forgive yourself and others for everything.

Sleep 7 to 8 hours every day and at the same time. Use electronic devices only when you have to. Do not use them for entertainment. They things which you think are entertainment are the actual cause of your stress.

I believe now you have all the secret of being healthy. it is simple and doable so do not wait for the perfect time and perfect day to start. Start today and never stop.


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