Most of the people overestimate the money they need to live a good life and that is why they never even try to go for it.

Unfortunately, most of the people believe that money is the most important element of life, but these people are failed to recognise that money is just outcome of your services. Let me make it very clear to you that your financial position depends on three areas, which are your services, your capability to handle money, and your financial attitude. Most of us see money at their ultimate aim, but they never look at these three areas we just discussed above. let us look at them one by one.



As we have discussed, one of the most important elements in life is our work. once we find out what it is that we love to do, the next step is to provide the services in that field and also we must become a master in that field by continuous learning. Studies show that it takes 10000 hours or 5 years of dedicated learning and practice to become a master in any area. When you become world class in your field, the whole world appreciates it. Your services become valuable and no amount of money can compensate it.

Capability to Handle Money:

How to Handle money

It is very important that you and I understand that only earning money is not enough. In fact, how much we spend is more important than how much we earn. You can find a long list of people who made fortune, but because lack of their capability to handle the money, they end up broke. We need to develop the habit of saving. According to financial expert, 10% your income must go to your saving account no matter what. In addition, we all must learn about investing money. Investing is an art and anybody can learn it. A grit on this concept alone can make you wealthy.

Financial Attitude:

Business man of Money

Bob Proctor is his book “You were born rich” said it and I quote, “We are the master and money is our servant”.

We are learning to live a good life and that is why it is very important that we understand the meaning of saving. Saving means financial planning. It does not mean we do not do things we enjoy doing or do not buy the things we need. It simply means plan your spending. It means planing every month in advance on each spending we are going to make.  It means to make a bigger financial goal, not to live within the current financial circumstances. I must tell you the importance of giving. We must develop an attitude to give who is in need and it is not for them, it is for us. Giving has a psychological abundance effect on our mind. It means we have enough and we can share. This effect can make use grateful which in turn develop us in every area of life.

If we commit our-self to the mastery in any area, to work on our capability to handle the money and a strong financial attitude, then we control our financial life.

If you have never done it before and you want to start financial planning, then I can help you. Please contact me here.