An average person spends around 45 hours per week on his or her work and that is what makes it another important element of life. our work not only provides us but also defines us. Who we are known by what we do. We must give considerable time to figure out what we want to do because our work becomes our identity.


Only a few of us are lucky enough to figure out in early age what it is that we love to do. Most of us have to go through a process. Most of us learn it through mistake and failures. We need to listen to your heart and do something about it. It does not matter if you fail. The reason most people do not try new thing is that because they are afraid of failure, but if you look at failure as an opportunity to explore, to learn, to experience, to meet new people, I promise you that your fear will go away. Believe me, it is a journey to find your purpose out.

I suggest you start with the deathbed experiment. A deathbed is a place where you are true to your self. You do not think of anything to satisfy other people needs or demands. You know this is the end. You either have satisfaction or regrets, but it is very true state of your being. Just imagine that you have exactly one year from this very moment, what would you choose to do? What is that thing if you start doing today you will be successful within one year from today. You must listen to your heart or your intuition. It will tell you what it is that you want. Whatever comes to your mind start doing it, because there are 99.99% chances that it is that thing you should be doing right now.

Work paint

Let me give you a very simple framework, which can help you to figure out your true purpose. I want to be very honest with you here that it is only you who can figure it out. This tools will help you to organise your thoughts. Please follow the below exercise start.

  • Write down five things that
  1. You enjoy doing
  2. Define your values
  3. You need to your work
  4. You consider your strength
  5. You want from your life
  • Write down two persons who
  1. Support you
  2. Motivate you
  3. Inspire you
  • Write down 5 things that
  1. You fear
  2. You consider your weakness
  3. You are afraid to lose
  4. You consider hard to achieve what you want
  5. You think you do not have to achieve your goal
  • Write down three things you believe about below
  1. Your body
  2. Your relationships
  3. Your Money
  4. Your Energy
  5. Your work
  6. Your sexuality
  7. Your ability
  8. Your past

The next step is very important and crucial to the success of this exercise. I suggest you sit down in a quiet place and have some light music running in the background. Let your mind explore and flow into all these thoughts. Now look at each line on your note and decide which is a negative thing or which one is a positive one.

Take each positive things and decide what one action you can do to make it better. Now take a negative thing and decide what one action you can take to make it better. You will come up with so many ideas but stick to one for the moment. Start taking this action and do it again and again. You will find that your life is changing. You are not that person anymore. This simple exercise will make you proactive. It will make you a creator as you will create your life, not your circumstances. Life will happen for you, not to you. In this sense of greatness within, you will discover your true purpose. It might take some time, but there is a very good chance that you will have it.

Work burns

There are times when you try this again and again, but still, you not sure. You are not clear because you are full of self-doubt. It is because we are grown up in a very limited environment where people are telling you how everything in the world will not work. It takes time to condition our mind to believe our own ability. If you think you feel stuck with self-doubt, or limiting beliefs, then I truly believe I can help you. Please contact here to know more.

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