How to start your morning

How to start your morning to have your best day?

I have studied the habits of successful peoples in the past few months. One of the qualities I understand about them is that they all have a few important tasks done by the time they even started their work. After studying these habits, I will show you how to start your morning to have your best day.

The achievements in the morning are what give them the motivation, inspiration and energy to go ahead and also a reason to wake up early morning when they go to bed. Some call it morning rituals and others call it the success habits.

Once I understand there is something magical about it, I started to follow a morning plan. And, I was never the same. It changed my life. It changed how I see the world. I call it “The Ultimate Morning – the 25th hour of the day”.

Basically, our mind works on a cyclic system. Everything we do now affects everything we are going to do in the future. If you achieve a small success today, you will be inspired to achieve bigger success tomorrow and bigger success day after tomorrow. This cycle continues, unless you break the rhythm.

Now imagine, you achieve some of the most important tasks of the day before you even start your work. With what kind of mindset, you will face the remaining day? Ultimate, I say! When you are in the ultimate mindset, problems become challenges, proposals become solutions, ideas become actions and fears become excitements.

Every step we take towards our goals inspire us to go even further with more strength. Our self-confidence and self-esteem increase with each win.

So, now the question is what “The Ultimate Morning” is and how it is 25th hour of the day? Let me explain it. It is a defined plan to activate your best-self first thing in the morning by waking up one hour earlier than you usually do.

By waking up one hour earlier, you earn that one extra hour and it serves you as 25th hour of the day. In this one hour, you work on the areas of life which matter you the most and some mandatory ones.  The mandatory areas where we all need to work without question are physical and mental health, self-improvement, and an overview of the tasks.

Below is what I would suggest each of us must do every morning. But, before I go into details of each area, let me give you some tips on how to wake up early and start your morning.


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At 5:00 AM, your alarm goes off. Your bed is warm. You look out of the window and it is dark. You hit the snooze button thinking 10 more minutes is OK and you end up leaving the bed until the time when you have to. I get it, but I truly believe that you do not want it to be this way and this is the reason you set that alarm up. What if I tell you that waking up early is very easy with few trick? That will be great! Isn’t it?

How you wake up early depends on why you want to wake up early. Do you remember times when you were so excited about waking up in the morning? Maybe you were going on a holiday or you were waiting to open the gift, which is lying under the Christmas tree, first thing in the morning. Will you hit the snooze in this situation? I bet you, NEVER. It is because you are excited; you are looking forward to the morning and what’s coming ahead. You can use the same formula every day.

Before going to sleep, give clear instruction to your mind why you want to wake up. Believe me, you will get up at first sound of the alarm. In addition, you can use a few simple tricks such as putting your alarm in the next room, turn your lights on immediately and/or brush your teeth as soon as you wake up. But, these additional trick will work only when you have a purpose in mind, otherwise, you will find yourself crawling again in the bed.


OK, now that we have covered how to wake up, let’s talk about why to wake up. The answer to this question is “To Make Your Dream Come True”. 


Below is the list of tasks, I suggest, we should perform every morning.


Because of many reasons such as room condition, 8 hours of no water and sweat at night, our body can be dehydrated. Always drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up and are comfortable to drink. It will reactivate your body. Time – 5 mins.


how to start your morning

Lying after 7 to 8 hours on the bed, each part of our body is at rest. To have a better blood circulation and to achieve the full potential of our body, you must move every joint and muscle. Give your body a good stretch from your tip to toe. Move every joint of your body from your neck to ankles slowly.  Time – 10 mins.

Mental health is another mandatory elements in our life we must take care of. We become more focused, happier, more joyful, more productive, and lesser stressed when we take care of our mental health. There are many ways you can do it, but the best method I have come across is “Meditation”.

I am sure all of you can easily find about the way or buy a CD to do the meditation so I will do not go into details, but I would say that it has changed my life. I have never been so happier, productive, clear and energetic before.

All the top performer, business persons, celebrities, gurus, CEO and leader have been talking about how meditation has changed their lives. So, it is the time that you should give it a try. Believe me; your mind and soul will thank you for that. Time – 10 mins.


Start you morning with self-improvement

Do not try to learn all by yourself with your own experiences. There are a number of books, videos, classes, seminars, auto-biographies and gurus out there to share their experiences with the world. We can learn from them in few hours what they have learned in years.

Take the advance of the opportunities available to you. Read two pages daily about the field you are trying to master and think how you can take action in your learning throughout the day. Remember, if you want to lead, you must read. Time – 10 mins.


All the management gurus talk about the importance of planning, to do lists and priorities. You should go through the main tasks you need to perform on that particular day. It puts your mind into a right frame and makes it focused on priorities so you can avoid distractions and unnecessary tasks. Time – 10 mins.


Start working for your dreams

Do you want to write a book, do you want to design a website, or do you want to start a business that you are planning for years? Whatever it is; let me tell you that it is possible to get it done if you decided to be persistent. All the excuses about time, competitions, society, money or unknown, you have been giving to yourself come from fear. What can be a better way to start your morning?

Without thinking about all of these, just start working on it. You will be surprised to see the progress you will make in a few days. Once you make some progress, all will fall in to place. You just need to figure out what and trust me on this, how will be taken care of itself. Give your idea 15 mins each day. Think about what you can do today about it and start doing it. I had these excuses from last four year, but one day I decided to go for it and give it a try.

Within two months, I design my own website, wrote a little book, wrote a weekly article on my website and engaged with two different people to give coaching on self-improvement (for free BTW). But, the point is that I have started my dream project and I am making progress every day.

I cannot explain the sense of proud I feel. It is just Amazing.  Stop thinking and start to chase your dream. You never know what destiny have for you in the pot. You just need to play your part. Time – 15 mins.

The sum total of above all the tasks is around 60 mins. These 60 mins, the most important 60 mins, have everything in it for you to achieve whatever you want. It gives you self-esteem, self-respect, self-development, and self-growth which are the ingredients of a happy and successful life.

If you really want to know how to start your morning, this is the answer. Successful people are not different peoples; they do the things differently. The ultimate morning is the time when you can rewrite your life. Claim your 25th hour and say hello to The Ultimate You”.

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