How to motivate yourself.

How to motivate yourself when you feel like doing nothing?

It happens with everyone. Sometimes, you just do not want to do anything. Even lying down on a comfy sofa doesn’t work. You know that there are important things are waiting for you to start, but you just do not feel like it. You feel restless. Here is how to motivate yourself when you feel like doing nothing.

It can happen for so many reasons, but that is not important. What important is how to get motivated to start doing it? You might be surprised, but you can create motivation. I will give you my top 5 techniques to get you motivated when you need it the most.

Here are these 5 techniques.

Use the 5 seconds rule

use the five second rule Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

In those moments, when you want to go to the gym or you want to make that call or whatever you have in your mind, but you do not feel like doing it, you must act on that thought within 5 seconds otherwise that will be done.

In her powerful book “The 5 seconds rule”, Mel Robbin explained the science behind taking action within 5 seconds. Our mind is wired just to help us survive. It stops us from doing anything which is out of our comfort zone.

It takes around 5 seconds for our mind to send us the signal that there is a danger doing what you are about to do and the danger is simply the pain of getting out of your comfort zone. It means you have less than 5 seconds to override this command. If you act within 5 seconds, you are good to go.

This technique is also a powerful tool to kill the habit of procrastination. If you do it enough times, a minimum 60 days according to scientists to build a new habit, you will no longer be driven by your mind. You will be in the driver seat.

Lay down and visualize the best outcome

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand”.

Everything around you on the planet is the result of visualization. Your car, your home, your city, your phone, your computer, your watch, and all the other things in the world were just thoughts at first then someone visualize it in detail. Once they visualized a final outcome, they took action.

You can do the same. Just lay down, close your eyes and start to visualize the final outcome. See yourself rich, fit, happy, famous, or achieving some you want to achieve. Go into details. See how you are feeling, and how people around you are feeling.

This visualization will set you into the action mode. All you need to do is to take action. Get up and start your project. It is a powerful secret to motivate yourself.

This technique is used by some of the best celebrities, athletes, writers, painters, and creative people in the world.

Watch motivation videos

watch motivational videos Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

We all love heroes and ideals. I believe everyone has one, if not, then I suggest finding one for yourself. In the world of YouTube, you can find a movie of almost every successful person on this planet in the very high-quality with beautiful background music.

These movies are made with a very specific purpose which inspires you and motives you so you can learn from them. You can believe yourself, and you can understand that every successful person has to work hard. They were not born with the gift, but they turn themselves into a gift to the world.

Watch their stories. See their struggles. Learn from them and tell yourself again and again that when they can make it so can I. These words, if spoken with great feeling and believe, can ignite a fire inside you.

Your motivation, at this point, will not be just motivation, but a force to act towards your goals. And, nothing can stop you.

Go for a walk

Our motion creates emotion. Instead of just feeling bored, you can choose to go for a walk in a park or in nature. While walking, deep breath, smile, and gather your thoughts. To learn how to motivate yourself, you must learn how to use your body because your motion creates emotion.

Think about your goals and why you want to do what you want to do. Remind yourself why you have started or why you should start now. Give all the reasons for yourself to start. Tell yourself what you will lose, if you do not start now.

You will find that you are motivated and full of ideas. You just want to get it done. This is the right time to come home and start working.

Listen to rock music

motivated you Photo by Tyler Nix

I use this technique quite often. Rock music can activate some specific neuron cells in your mind that kill boredom and energize you. Your brain release endorphin which makes you feel happier. When you are in that state of mind, you can commend yourself to take action on your task.

There is one care point with this technique. Just like you shouldn’t overthink in 5 seconds rule, you shouldn’t listen to music for a long time because it can make you forget your main purpose of listening to it. As soon as you feel energetic, you should start.

In the end, you should understand one thing about the motivation that it is an emotion and like other emotion, it comes and goes so you cannot rely on motivation to get the things done. But, with the practice, you can learn how to create this emotion.

It is a skill which needs to learn in the same way as you learn to control your anger or to show love to an unknown child.

Studies have proved that when we are motivated, our performance and capacity to get the work done is better. That is why it is a critical to learn how to motivate yourself when you feel like doing nothing. These techniques will help you to master the art of creating this emotion whenever you want.

I believe if you master this skill, then you master your destiny.

Lots of love.



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