How to meet your DESTINY even you have not figured it out yet?

We all look for the purpose of our lives. Unfortunately, only a few of us understand our destiny in the early phase of our lives. Most of us have to search for it. In this post, I am going to give you a process which will answer this question how to meet your DESTINY even you have not figured it out yet.

In the last 8 years, I have worked with some of the most successful coaches such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Grant Cardone. I have read almost 50 books every year. I am also in the process of publishing my first self-help book.

I have witnessed the profound impact of coaching in my own life so I have decided to become one. Now I am a certified life and success coach. I teach people who are looking for answers to the same question – How to meet your DESTINY.

I have had this question so many times in my life that I decided to create a process which people can follow to get the answers. I have gone beyond just the answer to this question. I have also included other aspects of life such as character building, goal setting, and personal development.

The process to meet your destiny.

I call this system “DESTINY”. This system is based on my 8 years of learning into the personal development field. I am certain that if anyone follows this system, he or she will know what his or her destiny is and how to reach there.

I have used word DESTINY as an acronym for this system because I provided me with the road map to reach there. In this system, DESTINY describes a 7 steps process as following.

D – Design, E – Establish Character, S – System, T – Time, I –Invest, N – Non-negotiable agreements, Y – Your best-self

Let me describe each step in detail.

D – Design

Design your destiny Photo by @nevenkrcmarek

I believe people on this planet live two different kinds of life – An accidental life and a Designed life.

In an accidental life, people react to their life circumstances. They have dreams and wishes but never take action to achieve them. They blame weather, politician, economy and everything around them so they can give themselves an excuse for their failures and feel good about themselves.

The people who lives a designed life has goals, plan and a sense of responsibility towards their life. They respond to the circumstances in their lives. They have a beautiful relationship with their failures. They are the people who meet their destiny.

If you are the one who really wants to meet your destiny, the first step is to design your life. You have to have clear goals about each area of your life so that you can make a clear plan to achieve it.

E – Establish Character

To achieve anything in life, you first have to become the person who deserves it. If you want to be rich, you have to become a person of discipline with your money. If you want to be healthy, you have to become a person of discipline with your eating and exercise habits.

The success is the result of those commitments you follow through for a long time. To do that, you need to develop a strong character which is aligned with those commitments and goals.

Most people never sit down and think about who they need to become in order to achieve those goals. That is why the second step to meet your destiny is to establish that character. You have to identify the values and the beliefs of those who have already achieved what you want to achieve in your life. You have to adopt all those values and beliefs in your character so that you can become one.

S – System

system to create your destiny photo by @scw1217

The third step in how to meet your destiny process is to create a system for yourself. You must understand that every success or failure you have in your life is because of a system you have followed.

If you are healthy, you have followed a system. You have chosen a healthy diet when you want to eat that burger. You went to the gym, when you want to layout and watch that Netflix.

If you are not where you want to be, it is also because you have followed a system of negative patterns. Every success or failure is the result of a routine or system you have followed for a long time.

You must understand what the system you need to follow which can take you to your goals and dream and ultimately to your destiny.

T- Time

Time is a strange thing. Although it only exists in the present moment, most people never live in the present moment. Most people either live in the past or in the present, but never focus on that very moment where they actually are.

When you live in this moment, you have the power to take control of this moment. If you keep living in your past which you cannot change or in the future which is not here yet, there is no way you can take action in the present moment.

You must understand that whether you like it or not, but all you have is this moment and every decision you make at this moment affects your past and your future. That is why it is crucial that you take control of your present and act now.

I – Invest

invest in yourself photo by @rupixen

In this fast-changing world, the only thing which is consistent is change. It means you also must change and upgrade yourself with the current market.

The way to do is to invest time and money in yourself so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel again. There are plenty of course and books available now which can help you grow in the personal and professional world.

This is the fifth step when you really want to meet your destiny. You must ensure that you invest time and money in your growth because it is the only way you can find what works and what does not work for you.

N – Non-negotiable agreements

The agreements you make with yourself sets the foundation for your success which leads to your destiny. Hard work, never gives up, commitments, truth, and service are examples of these agreements.

If you do not stand firm with your agreements, people will not know what you actually are. It is about creating a reputation for yourself. When you stand for your values, you create an identity for yourself and people recognise you for your values.

In the sixth step, you must clearly identify what you actually stand for in this world. Clearly defining your values and beliefs will make a symbol of those value. Think what Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, or Steve Jobs are known for. That is achieved by non-negotiable agreements.

Y – Your best-self

your best self photo by @freestocks

The final step in this process to achieve mastery of your mind. When you follow all the previous steps, you are already on your way to become your best-self, but there is one thing you need to achieve true mastery and that is consistency.

The mastery comes from consistency. It takes years of hard work, undivided focus, and commitment to achieve mastery in any area of your life.  But is it worth it? You know the answer to that.

90% of people in the world live an accidental life, but there are also people who are able to meet their destiny. Many of those people who were able to do it are those people who start from a very low place in their lives.

I can give you thousands of name who born to live a normal life but by following a process, which is similar to this process, they are able to create and meet their true destiny. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Today make a decision to truly commit towards a better life for yourself and for those who your love so that you can become a force for good in the world.


Saurabh Bhardwaj

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