how to have a nice day

How to have a nice day and create happiness everyday?

The most successful and happiest people do certain thing daily which make their lives a true success. In this artile, I am going to give the secrets fo this recipe. By learning, how to have a nice day and create happiness everyday, you will be able to do the same. Remember it starts from today.

There is a proverb in India that says “if you want to make your past and future beautiful, then just make your present beautiful”. Your beautiful present will become a beautiful past and it will create a beautiful future for you.

I did not understand the meaning of that proverb until I dive deep into the world of self-development. I came across so many challenges in my journey and honestly, most of them were created by me. I had so much stress about getting somewhere in life that my mind was always into future. I was constantly denying my present because I want to become the person I see myself in the future.

If you are going through the journey of self-development, then you will know what I am talking about. After this experience, I have become interested in self-love, growth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Now, I know these qualities will get me there because we all know what to do to be successful. What we lack are these qualities which inspire us, motivate us and even push us to become that person.

I knew the simple process to become successful is to have a goal, believe that I can do it, prepare a plan of action, take action, learn from failures and experts and change your action accordingly and I will be successful. But, I never get started for a long time, until, one day that proverb again flash in my mind and it was a turning point for me.

That was day I learned how to have a nice day. That day I decided to live a beautiful day. That day I understand it is true that we all need to have a future goal, but there are things in our lives which you and I must do daily. These things are not goals, these are the way of life.

So, let me take you on this journey and tell you the things we all must do irrespective of our goals and how to have a nice day.

Be grateful

How to have a nice day

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I believe this is the most important quality a person can possess. Being grateful is an art and it needs practice. Be grateful for everything you have and I mean everything from this day to every material you possess. Be grateful to GOD for another day you and your loved ones has. Be grateful to your wife and your children. Be grateful for your work, your home, your money, your friends and everything.


There is no point of having all the luxuries in the world if you cannot enjoy them, but if you have a good health you can enjoy almost everything in the world. The best things in our life are free. You just need a good health to enjoy them.

According to a Harvard study, 30 min of weekly moderate exercise is enough to keep us healthy and fit. Make a commitment to do 30 mins daily exercise which increases your blood flow.

Meditation or prayer

The world is very demanding now. You not only have to meet expectation from yourself, but also expectations from your family, outside world, and your work as well. It can cause stress even when you are not aware of it. Meditation is one of the best ways to get rid of the stress. It does not have to be very long. Even 10 min daily practice of it can do the magic.

A healthy meal plan

A healthy meal plan

We are what we eat. The quality of the food we consume defines the quality of our day, therefore, it is vital to plan in advance what you are going to eat. It is not just about calories, you have to be aware of what you eat and drink.

Normally, eating three times a day with healthy snacks is a good plan. Keep it simple. Try to eat the food which is by nature and not man-made. You will notice a different and powerful energy inside you within few days.

Spend time with your loved ones

We are social animals living in the concrete jungle. According to the longest study made on human happiness, our happiness is directly proportionate to the quality of relationships we have with our family and friends.

No matter what, you should spend at least one hour with your family without any distractions such as mobile, or TV. Go for a walk with them. Just sit down together and talk. Listen to each other. Find things which you both love to do together and do it. No excuse.

Do what you love to do

Here, I am not talking about your work, but your hobbies. Spend 30 min daily doing what you love to do. Whether it is watching movies, playing piano or guitar, playing your fav game, or painting, but you should do it daily. It activates happy hormones in your minds, reduces the stress, and makes you happier.

Personal Development

It is our duty to improve ourselves on daily basis. If we are not moving forward with our improvement, then we are moving backwards. You can listen to a TED talk, read a book, watch inspiration videos, or read biographies of successful peoples, but you give at least 20 min daily to your personal development.

Learn from these resources and try to apply it in your life consciously. People have transformed their life because they heard something which just feels right to them. All you need an idea to completely change your life.

Appreciate and forgiveness

Appreciate and forgiveness

I believe people are focusing so much on what they have not done instead of what they have achieved. One argument can ruin people’s whole day. One mistake leaves them demotivated for weeks.

They complete a project but blame themselves for days for a small mistake they made. They complete their 90 percent to-do list, but they grief for remaining 10 percent. It is a negative attitude towards life.

Appreciate yourself for everything you have achieved during the day and forgive yourself for everything you have not done. Learn from every mistake you make and move on. This is the only way to move further.

Remember, we are here on this planet no to arrive somewhere, but to take part in this journey called life. We must live it fully and enjoy all of its ups and downs because life is beautiful.

If you get just this fact about life, you will never see the mistakes as mistakes, but as results. Sometimes, it is good and sometimes it is bad, but that is how you improve. There is no other teaching to you as experiences or mistakes.

Start living your life every day. Do the things which you must do irrespective of your goals. Those who do not have goals will discover it through this journey. You will create beautiful memories and your destiny will welcome you with open arms.

Have a nice Day.



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