fall in love with yourself.

How to fall in love with yourself for the rest of your life.

Self-love is something, we know a very little about. We are so busy in fulfilling other’s expectation we forget to love ourselves.
In today’s world, when everything from your family to your work, from your society to yourself demand more, you do not even realize that you forget to love a person who you meet daily in your mirror. You forget to love a person who deserves it the most.
Life gives this experience to each of us, but we ignore it. At least I know I did. Five years ago, it happened to me. I was struggling to understand what it is that I am not doing which is not enough for someone to love me. I was trying harder every day, but the pot of people’s expectations has no bottom. I did not know that I do not have to look for love outside. I was expecting it from the outer world.
Believe me, how much I tried harder I suffered more. It is not that people hurt me or people did not love me. It was me who do not know what love is.
True love is self-love. When I realize that I only need to love myself, my whole world changed. I understand it the hard way, but It was profound. Love means accepting yourself the way you are. Love is unconditional. Love is timeless. 
When you experience love, you do not find faults in yourself. You do not compare yourself to anyone. You accept yourself as you are.  You do not need permission from anybody to love yourself. It is within you in abundance.
Before you love someone before you love anybody before you love anything, fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with your whole being. 
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