GRIT - A powerful force to make an impact in the world

GRIT – A powerful force to make an impact in the world.

Most people cannot commit to anything in their lives and that is why most people cannot really make an impact. What is the reason only a few people in the world are able to make it? Is it that they are born with some special skills or they are just lucky? It is the grit which made them what they became.

According to a study on 200 most successful people in America made by Napoleon Hill, neither these people were born with any special skills nor were they lucky. In fact, most of them were self-made and had a lot of challenges and struggles in their lives.

Napoleon Hill concluded that there are few characteristics and personality traits which are common among all the successful people that make them successful.

He wrote a complete book “Think and Grow Rich” based on this study and that book later become one of the most influential books in the field of personal growth.

After reading for more than four years about highly successful people, I now believe that one of the most critical personality traits these people have is GRIT.

Grit is the perseverance for your long-term goals.

It is the commitment and promises you have made to yourself to never stop and to never give up until you achieve what it is that you want.

Now, let me ask you that how many times you had decided to lose weight, save money, start a business, start a blog, start a YouTube channel or make a New Year resolution and you started, but after a while, you return to your old pattern.

It happened because you did not develop the grit. And, it will again happen until you become a master of it.

How to develop the grit.

The only way to develop the grit is by practicing it again and again, but there are three essential elements to it and that are a purpose, a goal, and daily motivation. Let me explain it in more detail.

The purpose:

The purpose is the essence of your being. Whatever goal you have, you must know what your purpose is. Without purpose, you will never have fulfillment.

Every person who has ever achieved the true success knows what his or her purpose is. Bill Gates knew it, Mother Teresa knew it, Gandhi knew it, and Nelson Mandela knew it.

Every time, someone questioned these people that after all these struggles they have gone through, what kept them going, they answered that it was their purpose.

I am writing this article because I want to share what I have learned through my journey to personal development. Yes, one of my goals is to make money out of it and without money I will be unable to continue, but this is not the purpose.

My purpose is the fulfillment I receive when I heard back from a lot of people saying me thank you for helping them out. If it helps anyone in any way, then I am good and that serves my purpose.  

Before setting a goal for yourself, first, figure it out why do you want it. Be perspicuous with your reasons. Question yourself and your intentions. Once you know you’re why you can endure and figure out every how.

The goal:

have grit to achieve your goals

A goal is a bridge between your existence and your fulfillment. Only after crossing this bridge, you can meet the fulfillment you are seeking.

Because a goal is something you can measure, you can always improve in the process of achieving them because you understand what is working and what is not.

The true purpose of a goal is not what you have achieved, but what you have become to achieve it.

You see you must first become so you can achieve, but most people think that it is the other way around. If you try to reverse the equation, you will only suffer.

To be fit, you must first become a healthy person. To be rich, you must first become a person who understands money.

If you eat before you feel hungry, then you will suffer. Studies show that 90% of the lottery winner in America end up miserable just after a couple of years of winning that lottery.

When you set a goal, work with it as it is a journey and enjoy this journey. Grow with it every day and learn from it at every wrong turn you take.

Choose right instead of easy and you will become the magnet to your goal and it will lead you to your purpose.

The motivation:

Most people misunderstand the word motivation. The word which drives it is Motive. It is simply your “Why”.

Motivation is a feeling which comes and goes like another feeling you have such as anger, sadness and excitement. You cannot be angry all the time. You cannot be excited all the time.

It is something you can develop. You can choose to be motivated. There are few tips such as listening to music, start exercising, and start doing, which can help you, but all will work only when you are leaving your comfort zone.

Learn about what motivates you and be in that vibration. On the other hand, understand what distract you and demotivate you and stay away from it.

Life smiles at you

The truth is that all these three elements work in a cyclic process. There is no start and end. You can choose any of it and start working on it.

The more goal you achieve, the more motivated you will be. The more motivated you are, the more goal you will achieve. You purpose also follows the same pattern as each other.

To develop the grit, you should start with a small goal. Decide that you will go to the gym for one week in a row, or you will write something for 10 min daily for a week, or you will work on your dream daily for 30 min daily for a week.

Once you achieve one goal, set another and another. Your goal can change or your purpose can change, but if you develop the grit you will always be in fulfillment. You will have this powerful force within you to make an impact on your and other people’s lives.

To your grit.


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