Focus on who you are becoming, not on who you are.

Focus can be a powerful tool to achieve greatness in your life,  but it can only work when you focus on who you are becoming, not on who you are.

Even though, goal setting is one of the most important mile-stone to achieve the success you want to have. Thinking about it gives you fear, anxiety and stress at a level where you are afraid to take action. It takes your focus away from the present.

Because most people have a goal bigger than they can achieve at that time, it paralyses them and they start to find excuses not to even start.

Focusing on goal is paralyzing not only for the bigger goals, but also for goals as small as quieting smoking or saving money. Do you know more than 90% people who make New Year resolution fails in first 4 weeks of the year?

So what do we do to get the success we want to have?

The answer is to focus on who you are becoming. The author of “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill, studies 500 most successful people for more than 20 years. One of the characteristics he found in those people is the ability to focus on growth on daily basis.

“Every master was once a disaster.” – T Harv Eker

focus on who you are becoming

Think about it for a while and you will see a deep sense of truth in this quote. We all have to start from somewhere.

If you focus only on the final outcome, your motivation is solely based on it. You will give up as soon as it becomes hard because the truth is it is going be hard.

You have to learn new skills. You need to be prepared to fail. You need to face rejections. And, you need to stand up again and again despite of all the negative outcome you receive from your efforts.

It is your love with the process which will keep you going. It is being said that it takes 10000 hours or 5 years of constant hard work, study, experiments and failures to become the master in the field. And, it is a very long time.

Here are the 4 mind-sets to adopt to fall in love with the process.

Act now and get perfect later.

Most people do not even starts to work on their dream because they keep waiting to become a little better in doing what they want to do. The truth is that the real learning comes from actions.

Have you ever wondered that how come you do not use any of the knowledge you acquired through out of your college education. But after working a year in your company or in your business you know more about it than you have studied it for four years in the college? It is because you took action.

If you have a dream in your mind, I strongly suggest you to start today and get better on it every day. Do not hold it for a long time and wait to become perfect one day because the truth is you never will be.

Take action today, learn from your failure, read about it, practice it, and then repeat it again.

Be ready to fail.

Be ready to fail

A human being is an emotional being or you can say a spiritual being.

Your ability to take action mostly depends on your emotion. That is why when you are motivated you are ready to take on the world, but when fear takes over you, you hold on a task which might be important to you.

The good news is that you can manage our emotion. You have the ability to control or define you state of being. If you are not sure, think about how you react in front of your boss, spouse, or your children even you emotional state is complete opposite to it.

Just by changing the definition of failures in your mind, you can write your destiny.

Failure is nothing but the outcome of your actions. It is the hidden bridge between your knowledge and your outcome. Once you are ready to cross the bridge, you will achieve whatever you desire you achieve.

That is how Edition, Newton, Einstein and Ellen Must kept going even though they met failures after failures. They looked at failure as a bridge or a learning opportunity.

Next time when you fail at something, ask yourself what have you missed and what can you learn from it. You will find your momentum which will lead you to the desired outcome.

There is no tomorrow.

We believe that there is a tomorrow and an important task can be done tomorrow. Tomorrow is a fiction or an illusion.

You procrastinate things because you have this illusion. No one is a procrastinator. There is always a reason for holding things back. You give yourselves this reason so you do not have to face your fear. It keeps you in your comfort zone.

In reality, there is no way you can be sure of tomorrow so whatever it is you got to do, do it today and do it now.

The best way to deal with this illusion is to prepare your success list. You must priorities your most important task today and leave the unimportant one for tomorrow.

This practice will give you the feeling of achievement and when you have this feeling, you are inspired to do more.

Your life is all about living it at its best.

quality of your life Photo by DAVID COHEN @dcp

If you would like, you can find thousands of reason to not to act. There is always lack of knowledge, lack of money, lack of right circumstances or lack of support, but all you need is one reason to move forward.

In the world of social media where you have access to the lifestyle of every individual on this planet, you fall in the trap of unrealistic expectations. It seems like everyone else is living the dream. It constantly reminds you of what you do not have in your lives.

The reality is far from it. Most people’s lives on social media are completely opposite to what they actually are and you might have seen it yourself.

Do not compare your life with anyone else. You are unique. Your values are unique. Your abilities are unique and what you can achieve with it is unique.

Be grateful for what you are and what you have. I really believe that it is enough to be alive at this time where lots of resources are available to us to make our dreams come true.

You can use these resources to make your success easier. Yes, it is true that these resources also bring us more problem but that is the beauty of it. More problem means more opportunities.

In the end, your life is not about what you achieve in life, but it is about the quality of your life you lived. It simply means your focus is on who you are becoming.

To your higher self.


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