five pillars to build a romantic relationship

Five pillars to build a romantic relationship in which you can flourish.

If you just close your eyes and say the word “Love”. The word itself gives a beautiful sensation in our body. I believe it is the most beautiful feeling we experience. In this post, I will show you five pillars to build a romantic relationship in which you can flourish.

Unfortunately, love has also become the reason for unhappiness in so many people’s lives, especially in a romantic relationship. 

Studies have proved that a healthy relationship is one of the reasons for a fulling life. It gives you a sense of purpose and meaning. It gives you the support you need.

People are in a healthy relationship lives longer. They are happier. Their children are happier and more successful.

How life will be different if there is no frequent argument, if you feel free, if you feel proud, if you can’t wait to go home, or if you just feel that love is beautiful? It is possible.

In my opinion, there are only five pillars to build a romantic relationship. Of course, there are other things which we need to consider to make a relationship perfect, but it is the base of a building which makes it strong and it is where we start. Here are the five pillars to build a romantic relationship.

Love start from within.

build a romantic relationship

Love is within you. It starts with you. When you see the person you love, what you feel comes from you. It is not being given to you. It is in your being.

If you cannot feel the same love, when you see the person in the mirror, you need to take a step back. It is a warning sign that you are in a lack of love. 

You cannot give something you do not have. If your cup is empty, all you will look for is someone who can fill it.

Self-love is the starting point to build a strong relationship. If you cannot accept your flaws and mistakes, you cannot accept other’s flaws and mistakes.

First, learn to fall in love with yourself, then fall in love with someone else.  

Love is something you do.

Love is a verb. It is something you do, not just say. And, it is unconditional.

Every time you want to show love to your partner, it should include action with it. The action depends on whether your partner is a female or a male. 

Men and women have completely different needs. I suggest you to spend some time to understand men and women psychology. Studying about people can save you years in building a great relationship.

If you consider something important in life, it must become your priority and definitely, the relationship is important. Show your love by doing, by making them feel loved, by caring, by listening and of course by loving.

Make love every day.

make love everyday Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Yeah, every day. I know you are thinking that who would not want it, but statistics show people don’t do it.

It is important that you make an effort to do it every day. It can take your relationship at a whole new level of happiness and ecstasy.  To build a romantic relationship, it is the key.

Often, people make love more in their early years of relationship, but as time goes they start to find excuses not to do it. Have you heard yourself saying some of these? It was a long day. I am tired. I am not in the mood. I need to do something important. They all are excuses.

Please do not get me wrong. In some cases, they are true, but I am convinced that not every day.  

Making love is not just about sex. Although it is good, it is also about how you treat your partner. How you talk to your spouse all day long? How often you hug? How you support each other? How you take care of each other? How focused you are on your partner when there is no need to be focused?

Make it your priority that you must make love every day. Make each other feel special. Hug all day. Touch all day or at least one weekend and whenever you are home. Have sex every day. Sex is good and healthy.

A simple rule for making love every day is that your time at home is only for each other. End of the story.

Communication is the only way to move forward.

I have seen people who do not talk to their spouses for days over a small disagreement they had. Honestly, I was also the same person, years ago, but then I realised the power of communication.

Communication can resolve anything between couples. Believe me, anything. As long as you are ready to communicate with an open mind, it is one of the best options couples have to resolve any misunderstanding between them.

If you had a disagreement with your spouse, never reject them. Talk about it. It maintains respect for a beautiful relationship deserves. Everyone deserves respect so treat your partner with respect and love in every situation.

Know yourself and your partner. Know what you and your partner like to hear and what you both do not. Communicate it with each other. Make some rules of boundaries. In starting, it might feel strange, but over time, it will be the strongest tool you will have to deal with any issues.

We all are human and human makes mistakes.

A happy living couple Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

If you are looking for a perfect partner, then I have bad news for you. There is none. We make mistakes and it will never change. That is how we learn and make progress. It is built-in human nature.

If your partner makes an unintentional mistake, you should accept this fact that we all make mistakes. It is OK to make mistakes. Perfection is the quality of robots.

You should learn to forgive not only to your partner but also to yourself. Forgiveness is an act of self-love. It is always for your happiness. It takes courage to forgive.

When you learn to forgive, you become a higher consciousness. Your focus turns to what important to you. It brings you more of what you want in your relationship.  

In my opinion, making mistakes and forgiveness are the greatest qualities we possess. It makes us who we are. It gives us the opportunity to grow. It cleanses our body, mind and soul. Just by understanding this simple fact, you will not only build a romantic relationship, but all other relationships you have in the world will be of higher quality.

In the end, all that matters is how well you live with each other. What is the quality of your life with each other? How good you feel about yourself in that relationship?

It is all related to your self-esteem and self-confidence. I believe that the way yourself is far more important than the way you treat others.

We fall in love to make our lives beautiful and it must serve the same purpose. You must grow. You must shine. You must be happy. You must be at the top of the world. This is what it should feel when you are in a healthy relationship.

Is it not simply a fantasy? It is the actual definition of love. If it is not the case for you, then you need to work on it and never stop until you really feel that your relationship is happy. And, always remember it is a collective effort. It is teamwork so you should do it as a team.

Start with self-love, practice unconditional love, be in love, make love, communicate with your partner, resolve your issue as soon as possible, accept their flaws and learn to forgive quickly. I am certain if you dedicate a little bit of time to it daily, you will build a romantic relationship in which you will flourish.

To your beautiful relationship.


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