Do you want to make your dreams come true? First, you must realise that you are a creator.

You might have heard this before that to be the success you must first become the person, who deserves success. Now, it is true in most of the cases if we read the stories of great, inspiration, successful and influential peoples all around the world. We now know that they were not born that way, but they become. They work years on themselves, on their behaviours, on their thoughts and on their habits to become that person who deserves success. 

In the today’s era of information, we just need to spend few hours on a computer to get the information on how to become that person. In fact, the quality of information is superior. The information is from the experts of the industries which work on human behaviours, success pattern, or life coaching. But only a few of us change our self and achieve the goals we have set for us and there is a reason for that. The reason is that we do not know or accept that we control everything about us. It can be our behaviour, our circumstances, our energy, or our financial situation.


I truly believe that the first step to start on this journey is to understand and believe that everything is happening within us. We create the results. To understand this, we must understand how our body works. I will start with our visual ability to see things around us. We all know how we see things. When light falls on the object, it reflects so many directions. Then some light waves travel towards our eye and an inverted print comes up on your retina. Our mind then inverts the image again and place it in the occipital lobe. Once it happens, we read the exact image.

You see it here

With this explanation, I want to make a point. We see this image within us, not where they actually are. The same phenomenon goes for listening and sensation.

Let us talk about feelings now. What happens when someone says that they love you?  Suddenly love radiate from you, but we need to look into it in more detail. The radiation was from within you. Physically nothing was given to you to feel this feeling. The same thing happens to you when you feel anger. You feel it within you.

“The Seed of your experience is within you.”

Everything is happening around you is actually happening to you. You are the creator of those experiences.


Experience is within you

Once you understand that every experience you had is created by you, you have the power to choose. This is the reason our behaviour is different in front of different people. We might ignore this face, but we behave in completely different ways with different people. We all are guilty of this with our spouse and our boss. Most of us choose to behave in a certain way in front of bosses, but simply react in other circumstances. It is us who create our experience regardless of a situation. If you want to control your experience for each situation, you must choose it.

Our mind is trained in a certain way. We were trained by our parents, teachers, friends, or neighbour environment. We never take time to analyse it. It is possible that it is not the best way. If it is the case, we need to train it again. We need to train our mind for the better. If you decide to have a particular outcome of a situation, you can create it. In fact, you are doing it now, but only in some situation, not every time. There is the situation when your normal reaction might be anger, but you can choose to be calm.

Once you get this fact, you can choose your experience in advance. You can decide before the actual event that what experience you want to have out of this coming event. It can be a meeting, an argument, a party, or any other event you might have. To do this, I suggest you dedicate 30 days to this experience. Every time you are going for an engagement with another person, decide in advance that what kind of experience you want to have out of it.  Accept that you will fail, but start again.

“One thing we all must know about failure is that this is a synonym for “self-learning”. We learn from failure. It makes you stronger”.

The day you will complete this 30-day task, you are ready to face the world with all what you got. What amazing about this is that it is fun doing and easy. You will feel happier, calmer, and inspired.  Life will seem to be in your control. All the situation will turn out in your favour. You will see a side of you which you have never experienced. At this very moment, you will say to yourself that I am the creator.


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