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How to cultivate a winner mindset and take control of your life?

We make most of the decisions based on comparisons or on our past experiences, but the winners has a different approach while making important decision for their lives. Based on my 6 years of research, let me tell you how to cultivate a winner mindset and take control of your life.

The winner make decision based on one single fact that if it makes them grow it is right decision. They do what is necessary, not what they feel they should be doing. I believe we can learn from these winners. We all can cultivate a winner mindset and take control of our lives.

Let me illustrate how we make our decisions. Let’s say you have a 20£ movie ticket and 20£ currency note in your pocket. When you arrive at the cinema to watch a movie, you realize that you have lost the movie ticket. Would you buy another ticket to watch the movie? When asked most of the people answer that they would not spend again on the same thing they have already spent on. In this situation, the decision is based on the past experience, because we believe that it is not wise to spend the money twice on the same thing so it is not OK to spend remaining 20£.

Now, let’s change the scenario a little bit. Now, you have 40£ in your pocket and you lost 20£ when you arrive at the cinema. Would you buy a movie ticket now? Most of the people answer that they would buy because that is what they have come for. Here, the decision is based on the comparison that 20£ ticket is not equal to 20£ note so it is OK to spend remaining 20£. 20£ is 20£ in both cases, but the decision is completely different.

How to cultivate a winner mindset.

Cultivate a winner mindset

We are the only species on planet earth who is born with the art of manifestation. We can create our own destiny. We can write our future. We can define what kind of life we want life and what kind of person we want to become. We can create thoughts and experiences. We are the only one on this planet who do not have any major predators which means the only threat to our existence is “US”.

How our life is going to be better for us and other is simply depends on the decisions we make daily. Our decision in every moment creates our future. With the increasing advance technologies, we are now facing health issues and poverty in the world’s history. Three largest industries in the world are weapon, alcohol and pharmaceutical. Around 70 per cent traffic on the internet is porn. Nearly half of the world’s population live in poverty. It tells something about us.

“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.” – Tony Robbins

The art of changing your life.

So, how can we change it? Remember we cannot change the world. What we can change is ourselves. If we do it right, the world will change by itself. It can only be changed by our conscious decisions. Conscious decisions are made with understanding and analysis. According to a study, around 90 per cent of the time, we operate on our subconscious mind and this is the reason we make decisions which are based on past experiences or comparisons.

We are built this way by nature to survive. Once we have an experience, it is recorded in our mind which helps us to make a decision in future. That is how you know you should not play with the fire because you all have an experience when you burn yourself when you were a child. That experience is recorded in your subconscious mind. Anytime you are too close to the fire, you will remember that experience and you will keep yourself away from it.

The problem is that in modern society, the experiences we have do not serve us well because these experiences are made by men. They are made with a specific agenda. For example, why some of you think that drinking is fun, or shopping relives stress, or it is ok to use a credit card for vacation, or money is the root of evil and many more.  These are the experiences given to you by your surrounding environment such as TV, Radio, News Paper, Adverts, and Agents etc.

Once you have experiences enough to make a decision, they start to take a form of belief. These beliefs are based on fears. These beliefs can be pass on to the generations. That is the reason babies also behave similarly to everyone else around them once they start to make sense of the world. The belief is limiting in nature. They stop you and hold you back at every stage of your life. They make you believe that you are not good enough, that you do have the right opportunities and that you do not deserve it.

To change the decisions you make, you have to fix these beliefs in your subconscious mind which these decisions are based on. They can be changed with the same process as they were learnt by repetitions. You have to cultivate a winner mindset. It takes time to build a belief and it is even harder when you need to replace it with an old belief. It needs conscious effort for months to do so. But, if for doing two to three months of effort you get more happiness, more wealth, better relationships, more self-respect and self-esteem, and better beliefs to pass on to your next generation, then I say it is worth doing. Doesn’t it?

Here is a four-step process to change the beliefs.


identify your liming beliefsphoto by @zacdurant


Before you start, your first task is to identify the beliefs which are holding you back. To do this, you will need some focus on your thoughts for some time. Every time you are planning to do something out of your comfort zone, write down the thoughts which pass your mind.

Make a list of self-destructive beliefs such as I am not good enough, money does not come to me, or I am not beautiful. Do this exercise for 7 to 10 days and you should have a good list to work on. Do not worry if the list is very long. We are not going to replace all the belief at the same time. Just look at this list and try to understand where these thoughts come from.


Replace your old belief and cultivate a winner mindset 


The second step is to identify the beliefs you should adopt. Take a good self-help book which is based on positive psychology and read it again and again. Listen to motivation speakers, successful people, successful entrepreneurs, and successful artist. 

Find out what are the common beliefs they all have. Make a list of these beliefs and select the top five beliefs. Check this list with your previous list and identify which old one can be replaced with the new one. Now read this list again and again especially before sleeping and after waking up first thing in the morning. Affirm it, dream it, live it, watch it, see it, as many times as possible through the day.

It is important that you keep yourself away from the surrounding environments which gave you those limiting beliefs. Do not read the newspaper. Do not listen to the news. Do not hang out with the people who always tell you what is wrong with you, with others and, with the world.


visualize your futureself


To cultivate a winner mindset, the next step is to use the power of imagination. It was the imagination which enables Einstein, Wright brother, Edition and Elon Musk to do the impossible. I wrote that earlier. A human can create thoughts and experience. We can choose what to think and what to experience. If you think you cannot visualize something which is already not here, then you never had a sexual fantasy. I bet you do.

Use your imagination to create the best version of yourself. Imagine what it would be like to become a person you want to be. See yourself as such that you are already that person. This process activates the frontal cortex of your mind which is responsible for finding the ways to make your visualization a reality.


cultivate a winner mindset

The path to success is to take massive, determined action. Act like a person you want to be. Try to imitate the behaviour in front of a mirror. If you are looking to improve your belief in self-confidence. Read to qualities of a person with high self-confidence and try to act like them. Walk like them, sit like them, stand like them, and talk like them.

Do not underestimate the power of your postures. Just by copying the postures, you can feel like the person you want to become. If you are afraid of public speaking, then practice it in front of a mirror, your family members or a support group in your area. With the previous steps included, you will find that within no time you rock the stage.

Apply these steps and you will discover a new you. These steps will change your beliefs about you and about the world. That is the simpliest process I know to cultivate a winner mindset and take control of your life.


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