The most important skill which determines our success.

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Have you seen these people who are always happy? They have the answer to every problem they face. It does not matter whether they experience different cultures, different people, different industries, different relationships and different countries, they are thriving in every situation.

According to the psychologist, there are so many elements, but the most important element of their personality is a skill.

They called it Adaptability.

It became very interesting to me when I understood it later on. It seems to me that in the modern world, adaptability is essential not only for survival but also for success.

When I think about it more, it connects more dots.

I started to notice that the people who have the good relationships with their partner have this skill. They adapt to each other. I also know this because I am married for 4 years now and now I know why marriage is beautiful.

Businesses which are a success today have this skill. They adopted the current trend. Nokia died because they did not adopt and Samsung thrives now because they have adopted.

Some employees and team perform better than the others in the same environment because they have adapted to the environment.

Human has many advantages over other species on this planet. One of the advantages is that we can develop adaptability if we do not possess it in the start. It can be practised over time and we can become master of this skill.

I believe this is one of the most important skills today to be successful mainly because of highly versatile environment we live in now. How fast we are changing now is incredible. We need to adopt all these changes to achieve the success we desire.

So, how we develop the adaptability?

From my personal experience, I can say that it has more to do with your habits and beliefs. Adaptability is an attitude, which comes from your beliefs.

7 ways to develop an attitude of adaptability.

There are many ways to adopt any new skill, but for this particular skill, I would like to highlight 7 ways to acquire it.

Be updated and be informed.

Adaptability is also about knowing. You must first understand what is required. Whether it is business, a relationship or an immigration.

Whatever you are planning, it is always best to have all the information and updates about it. It helps you to understand what is coming and the changes you have to make.

Many times, people make assumptions based on other people’s experiences. You must get all the knowledge from experts only or find it through your own experience.

Accept that you are not always right.

For many people, it is very hard to accept that you can be wrong. Even though they do not have facts about it, but they believe what is presenting is correct.

This attitude stops them from learning. It makes us rigid which is an opposite quality to adaptability.

We must understand that we can be wrong or mistaken. Just by understanding this, we open the door of flexibility and so to the growth.

Get into other person shoes.

I remember a story from my school. There was a guy who wrote 6 on a paper and shows it other guys who were sitting just in front of him.

The other guy looked at it and said that it is a 9. They start fighting over it.

The point is that the story can be completely different from another side. Always consider other’s story and understand their point of view.

Respect other people’s opinions.

It is not enough to understand other people’s argument. It is also important that you respect it. Whether you are in a business meeting or in a family meeting, you must respect other’s opinions.

You do not have to agree with it, but you must listen to it and consider what is possible. Sometimes another person can see what you are overlooking.

If you deny other people opinion just because it is different from yours, you might miss an opportunity to make things better.

Accept new challenges.

I believe accepting challenges can make you more adaptable because you will learn new things to meet these new challenges.

When you learn something new, it prepares your mind to adapt something new not only in that particular area but in every area of your life.

You should be proactive in accepting new challenges. I personally believe that this attitude will also bring you happiness. Happiness is nothing but progress.

Be flexible.

This is a quality very few people possess and that is why most of the people struggle with any new situation. Flexibility comes from openness and understanding.

If you are comfortable only with the known, then you will be reluctant to flexibility. Another belief which stops you to become adaptable is perfectionism. Perfection is the enemy of flexibility.

You must understand that there is nothing perfect on this planet. Do not seek perfection, seek clarity. The clearer you are with something, the more adaptable you will become to that situation.

Build the right habits.

First, we make our habits, then our habits make us.

Practice good habits which lead you to become an adaptable person. Make rituals which are aligned with your goals.

I believe that this is one of the most important skill to learn and it is learnable. For some time, be conscious about the choices you make. Make sure that they are in line with your goals to become an adaptable person. Practice them more often and continuously and you will have one of the critical element to be a success in every area of your life.



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