3 beliefs which can transform you incredibly.

Have you ever wondered what makes some
people happy and other sad with exactly the same situation? It is
because of our beliefs.

We do not see the things as they are; we see them as we believe they are.

“We are what we believe we are.”

You are a
product of your thoughts because your thoughts become your action. Your
action brings you the result you have in your life. So there is only one
way to your results and that is by changing your thoughts.

The only way you can change your thoughts is by changing your beliefs.

I offer you three beliefs which can transform your life in a way that you never can imagine.

1. Life is much more than just survival.

Most people
want to achieve success and I have no doubt about their intention, but
the truth that most people do just enough to survive through days. You
all know what I am talking about.

There are
some basic things in the world today that you must do to survive. You go
to school or university. You find a good job and you start earning
enough so that you can buy a home, a car and a bit of luxury. That is
the basic definition of survival in the twentieth century.

In a
research in EUR, thousands of people were asked that what they would if
they were offered one million dollars. Most people answered that they
would buy a better car, a bigger house or some other luxury item.

Do you know
what it reveals about us? That we do not have a plan for our own life.
Soon, you will spend that money and end up in the same situation you are
in right now. How do you think so many of this footballer end up on the
street after earning hundreds of millions?

Have a plan
for your life beyond survival. Your life is much more than just
surviving. Your existence must benefit the nature, people and yourself.
Think about it in detail. Plan how will you contribute to nature and

If you figure it out, your life will be different in every aspect.

2. Every person in the world has his or her own beliefs.

If you have a conflict every time someone came up with an idea which is not same as yours, you are a victim of judgement.

Judgement is
an attitude most people have when they believe they are right almost
every time. It is a perfect recipe for a stressful life. It is the seed
of your mediocrity.

If you do
not understand it until now, it is the time. Everybody has his or her
own thought process. There is every possibility that others idea is
better than yours. Just because it is different does not mean it is

Accept this
fact that each of us has different beliefs and different reasoning so it
is natural that each of us deals with situations differently.

Accept the
people as they are. Do not judge anything or anyone until unless you
have gone through a detailed analysis of all the option available.

3. You are a citizen of the world.

Citizen of the world

Photo by Fancycrave

It is us who
decide what opportunities life offers. If you want to experience a life
of unlimited opportunity, you must have a mind which can see these

Most people
in the world have not taken time to expend their limits. They want to be
rigid with the limitations they were given since they were a baby.

Most people
have a perception about everyone in the world. They believe in black
race or white race. They think Westerns countries are better than
eastern countries. They think one particular religion is bad and other
is good. They have an opinion about Asian and African.

We live in a
world of connection. You believe it or not, but we all are connected
with each other. And, what kind of success we achieve in life is highly
depends on what kind of network we have.

If your mind
is limited based on your race, country, religion or culture, how would
you expect to build a network which can lead you to the success?

A limited
mind also limits your ability to learn, to growth, to explore and to
experience. Success is impossible without these elements.

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Develop a
mindset which is free from these limitations. Become a citizen of the
world. This will not only open the door to new opportunities in your
life but also will bring you a new perspective to look at the world.

These three beliefs can transform you in many ways. It can bring you success, happiness, and peace if adopted.

I personally believe that these three beliefs have enough to get you almost everything you want in your life.

It takes
courage to fight your existing beliefs which are handed over to you and
you have all the power and courage is needed to do so, but you need a
firm decision. Make a decision that you will invest time, energy and
money to develop these beliefs so that you can bring a future which
brings the best of life to you and to those you love.

To your transformation


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