Why your hard work does not pay off?

Why your hard word does not pay off.
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Do you feel that you are working so hard but it does not seem to go anywhere? At least, it is true for a lot of people I know.

You try to lose weight and you lose some, but after a while, it all comes back. You try to wake up early morning to meditate, but you stop after a while. You try to save money, but you quit after a while.

Why do you think only 8 percent of people keep their New Year resolutions? Sounds familiar?

Let me let you why. There is one personality trait that stops you to achieve whatever you want. That is called self-image.

No matter how hard you try, you feel stuck in the same place because you have a fixed self-image.

How self-image influences our life.

Effects of self-image.
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Each of us has an image of ourselves in our mind. We see ourselves in our mind. This image is shaped by a number of factors. Some of the factors are people’s opinion, comparison with others, and our performance at school, college and work.

To understand, what kind of self-image you have about yourself, you just need to look at your life. What kind of health you have? How much do you earn? How is your relationship with your family? What kind of job you are in?

These all conditions are a true reflection of your self-image. You might be unhappy with that, but it is your actual self-image.

When you decide to take your life at a new level, you find a goal, you create a plan and you start to take action.

Even though you see some improvements in your results, you find yourself doing something which completely sabotages your all efforts and you find yourself stuck in the same place where you have started.

You will never be rich if you think I am broke. You will never be fit if you think I am fat. You will never be creative if you think I am an idiot or dumb.

I am this or that. Life is hard or unfair. Have you noticed yourself repeating any of these words? This the role of self-image in your life. It creates each and every aspect of your life align with the self-image you have.

How to change your self-image to achieve everything you want?


Self-image improve
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Self-image can be a powerful force as well which can shape your life in any way you want.

I once asked one of my friend who is running marathon almost for ten years now that where did he get this motivation from. You wake up at 6 AM and run daily. It doesn’t matter whether it is rain or cold. How?

He smiled and said, my friend, I am a runner that is why I run. You see, he is not driven by self-discipline, but by self-image.

I am the best. Muhammad Ali told himself these words even before he was close to being best. But, I am the best is the self-image he carried with him.

It does not mean that you just tell yourself that you are the best and you will become best, but it will give you a reason to become the best if you are willing to put all the hard work needed to become best.

It is possible for each of us to create a self-image which becomes a powerful force to drive us purposefully. When you create a new self-image, your mind, body and soul work to make you the person same as your self-image.

First thing, you must do is to become conscious about your language. The word you choose to define yourself must be powerful. It must define your self-image. I am powerful. I can. I will. I am energetic. And never use negative words to define yourself.

Second thing, you can do is to improve your body postures. You might not know this but our postures tell a lot about who we are.

Stand tall with your shoulder back. Look in the eye of the person you are talking to. Sit with your backbone straight. Have a firm handshake.

Learn from the people you admire about the body postures. Do you remember James Bond? Observe them and try to adopt the same body postures. You can get help from a mentor who can help you to develop correct body postures.

Finally, you must commit to taking action to become the person you want to be. Like words and posture, our action also shapes the image we create for ourselves.

Take action keeping in mind the person you want to become.

The best part of it is that you have to push yourself until only you develop your improved self-image. Once it happens, these all become your automatic behaviours. Studies show that it takes normally around 66 days to develop a new habit.

Constantly remind yourself about the new self-image you are trying to create. It will help you to focus on staying on the track.

Remember, you are trying to change an image you are carrying for a long time. You will fail and you will feel tired and that is when you need to start again. No one is perfect. Accept it and never give up.

Go, Get it.





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