Want to live an easy life? Choose to live it the hard way.

Hard and easy things
Photo by Tommy Lisbin

Most of the people on the planet try to avoid problems. They believe that life is easy when they do not have the problems. The side effect of this approach is that you end up having more problems which make you more frustrated because you do not want them and you end up unhappy with life. Remember the opposite of happiness is not sadness, it is boredom.

Let me explain what is easy and what is hard. Easy and hard are the perspective. It is the feeling of pain and pleasure we associate with any task. Whatever we do is either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. What is a pain for you is a pleasure for someone else and vice-versa? Why do you think some people enjoy drinking too much alcohol, having drugs, eating unhealthy food, watching TV for hours, and sleeping till afternoon, while others hate all of them?  Successful people associate pain with tasks which do not support their vision and pleasure with the tasks which support their goals.

What we associate pain to and a pleasure to depends on so many factors such as how we bring up, who we friends with, who we talk to, what environment we work in and many more. Around 80 percent cases, it is a sub-conscious decision. Partying is fun, drinking is fun, going to restaurant is fun and watching TV is fun till late night because it is accepted as fun by people around us and by our society, but studies have proved it a number of times that these activities are very harmful to our physical, mental, and financial health. Almost everyone knows these facts but everyone does not do the right things. It is simply because they associate pleasure to wrong things.

The good news is that we can change this scenario. Because we know it is prospective and with knowledge and practice, perspective can be changed. If you start doing what you do not want to do, you will be successful. If you want to change your life, the first thing you must do is to define your perspective on everything. You have to question everything you know about everything. You have to question every thought crosses your mind. You have to read the stories of those who have become ideals for the rest of the world and then you have to learn from them. It might seem easy, but believe me, it is not. It needs a great courage to accept the truth especially those which prove you wrong. Then, it needs focus and grit to change your beliefs.

When you want to achieve a new result from your life, you have to become new first. If you want to become fit, you have to become healthy first. If you want to become rich, you have to learn how to deal with money first, if you want to have a great relationship, you have to become an unconditional lover first. The new result is only the outcome of the new person you have become. When you start these changes, everything will become difficult. Society calls you weird, your friends call you unfaithful and you will doubt on yourself again and again, but one who persists with the change and without listening to the voices of others and voices from inside his or her head makes it possible.

A decision to become great
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel

From today, make a decision that you will go for anything which you know is right for you. Make a commitment to yourself that you will follow those who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Define what pain and pleasure mean to you. Saving money, eating healthy, sleeping early, waking up early, reading books, learning new skills, pushing hard, giving time to your family, taking care of your loved ones are great examples of pleasure and avoiding late night parties, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, backbiting, complaining are the examples of pain of the Titans. Unfortunately, instant gratification is considered to be the best form of pleasure. Everyone wants everything at this moment, but then nothing really pleasurable in the world is at the moment. It takes years for a seed to become a tree, then only you can enjoy the fruits.  

If you do not know where to start, then start with your health. Fix your body. Go for exercise, choose the healthy food and leave the couch. Your motion creates emotion. When you are working to fix your body, you will notice that your self-esteem has increased. You respect yourself more and people around you respect you more. Learn from your ideal, from books, from a mentor or any way you think is best for you, but learn and then apply. Remember, without action, nothing will work. If you keep doing, then your greatness is inevitable. You will find your purpose, your destination and meaning of your life.




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