A prayer to bring ourselves back to self-love.

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Self-love. I become familiar with this word some years ago and since then I have studied it in detail. I try to read every bestseller book on this topic, and any recommendation from a famous self-love coach. I listen to thousands of audio and video programs on self-love. I have read research done on this topic and how it affects our lives. I have now understood that the base of our existence is self-love. Almost every program human has is because of lack of it and these problems can be solved only after we understand the cause of it which means by bringing ourselves back to self-love. As this subject is very close to my heart, I can go on writing about self-love till my finger bleeds on this keyboard,  but I will not go into too many details as this is not what this article is about. I want to share something which I believe bigger and greater than those all.

A while ago, I came across a prayer by Don Miguel Ruiz in which we request our creator to fill us with self-love. I want all of us who is on the journey of self-love to know this prayer. The below prayer is my version of that prayer.

Today, creator of the universe, I ask you to help me to accept my self just the way I am,  without judgement. Let me accept my thoughts just the way they are, with all the emotions, desires, dreams, and my unique way of being. Help me to accept my body just the way it with all the imperfection without any judgement. Let the love I have for myself be so strong that I never again reject myself. I never sabotage my happiness, freedom, and love.

Let the power of my self-love be so strong enough to break all the lies that tell me I am not strong enough, I am not good enough, I am not worthy and I can not make it. Let the power of my self-love be so strong that I no longer need to live my life according to other people’s opinion. Let me trust my instincts completely to make the choices I must make. Help me, creator, to increase my self-love until my entire being is transformed from fear to love and joy.

A self-Love Prayer
Photo by Animesh Basnet@hsemina

Starting today, help me to love myself so much that I never set any circumstances that go against me. I can live my life just being myself and not pretending to be someone else just to be accepted by other people. With the power of self-love, let me enjoy what I see every time when I look in the mirror. Help me to feel such intense self-love that I always enjoy my own presence.

Let my self-love be the power that changes the dream of my life. With the new power in my heart, the power of self-love, let me transform every relationship I have, beginning with the relationship I have with myself. Help me to be free of any conflict with others. Help me to love myself so much that I forgive anyone who has ever hurt me in my life. Strengthen my will to forgive my self at this moment.

Give me the courage to love my family and friends unconditionally. Help me to create the kind of love in my relationship so there is no winner or looser. Together let us work as a team for joy, for love and for harmony. Let the relationship with my friends and family be based on respect and joy so I no longer have the need to tell them how to think, or how to be. Help me to accept others just the way they are, without judgement, because when I reject them, I reject myself. When I reject myself, I reject you.

Today is the new beginning. Help me to start my life over beginning today with the power of self-love. Help me, creator, to enjoy my life, to enjoy my relationships, to explore life, to take the risks, to be alive, and to no longer live in fear of love. Let me open my heart to love that is my birthright. Help me to become the master of Gratitude, Generosity, and Love so that I can enjoy all of your creations forever and ever.





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