How to find and replace your limiting beliefs to become the person you want to be.

How to change your liming beliefsPhoto by Zac Durant

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Each action you take is always in line with your present beliefs. If you want to change your outer world, you should first change your inner world. You must find and replace your limiting beliefs, which are holding you back, with the empowering beliefs which can get you where you want to be.

Your beliefs are formed with the information you receive from the surrounding environment such as parents, friends, family, social media, news, books etc. We start to form our beliefs from a very young age. One can have more limiting beliefs than other, depending on the environment they grown up in. Most of us accept our beliefs as truth and act accordingly which creates our results in life.

As we grow up, we develop an analytical skill which helps us to choose which information contributes to our growth and which does not. We can use this skill to adopt new beliefs and refuse any beliefs which do not serve us to get what we want.

So, how to understand what your limiting beliefs are and how to change them? It can be done in a simple three steps process as explained below.

  1. Create an environment to study your thoughts.

The first step is to make a commitment to yourself. I recommend you to find a quiet place where you do not have any distractions such as people, mobile phone, TV or Music etc. If you prefer home, make the place neat and tidy. Surround it with positivity such as candles, books, beautiful pictures etc. Get a good journal and a good pen. Assign 45 mins to 60 mins at the same hour, if possible, daily for this practice.

  1. Write down your thoughts on paper until you have none left.

The second step is to understand what thoughts you have. Our thoughts are based on our beliefs. Take one area of your life. It can be your relationship, job, money, starting a new business, or your health.  You can choose one new area or task every day. Now, think only about it and write down whatever comes to your mind. Why is it good or not good? Remember, you are writing it for yourself. So, be true to yourself. Write all positive and negative thoughts until you have nothing left in your mind.

For example, I always wanted to start a website to inspire people. I choose to write about it.

Some of my negative thoughts were as follows. People will judge me and make fun of me. I do not know how to write. I do not have time. I do not know how to make a website. Why will someone read my blogs when there are plenty out there?

Some of my positive thoughts were as follow. I can be famous. I can make money. I will feel happier. I can follow my dream of becoming a life coach. I can become a writer.

You see, this exercise can be a mirror of your beliefs. Now, you can read your thoughts. You can analyse them and you can accept or reject them.

  1. Replace old negative beliefs with new positive beliefs consciously.

The last step is to replace the beliefs which are holding you back. This step is crucial to your success and needs some study in detail.

Now that you understand what negative thoughts you have, prepare a list of them. Leave two lines blank between each thought you write so that you can place a new thought to replace it. Go through your list one by one. Read your first thought very slowly and ask yourself why I thought so. Is it just your thought or is it a truth? Have somebody done it before or not? Have you met someone who has completely opposite thoughts? If the answer is yes, then what new thought you would like to have instead of this one? Write this new thought below your old thought. Repeat this process for each thought on your list. You can take the reference from self-help books, magazines or an expert.

From my previous example, I have replaced my old thought with new thought as below.

Old thought: People will judge me and make fun of me.

New thought: I do not know the future. People really appreciate one who helps them to become more.

Old thought: I do not know how to write. I do not know how to make a website.

New thought: Everyone starts from somewhere. I can learn it as I learn other skills such as playing the piano. If others can do it so can I.

Old thought: I do not have time.

New thought: I do need more time. I need to manage my time well. I will start with 15 mins, but daily.

Old thought: Why will someone read my blogs when there are plenty out there?

New thought: People will read me because people need inspiration and motivation more than ever before. People are reading more. There is actually lack of inspirational writer. The world needs more of them.

Once you complete this task, read the new thoughts with feeling. The best time to tune our sub-consciously mind is morning when we wake up and just before sleeping. Read these new thoughts like your affirmations with great feeling. Read them as such you believe in them. Do this practice for 60 days continuously. Please remember you must take action according to your new beliefs. Your action is the reflection of your thoughts and beliefs.

In addition, when you are working on replacing your beliefs, it is important that you surround yourself with the environment which supports your new beliefs. Read an inspirational book, listen to great and successful peoples, and repeat your affirmations. Do not listen to the news or talk to negative people. Reject any idea consciously which does not support your new beliefs.

With repetitions and persistence, we can create new beliefs. From Einstein, who was told that he is not physically and mentally fit to study science and later becomes the greatest inventor in the history, to Gandhi, who was afraid to speak in a meeting in front of few people and later led a nation to freedom, thousands of great people have done it and so can you. When your beliefs are aligned with the person you want to be, the world will see you as that person.







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