The art of living in the present.

Living in the moment by david-cohen

Photo by David Cohen

7 years ago, I have started working on personal development. I read hundreds of books and listen to thousands of speeches on personal development. I have studied psychology, human behaviour, self-growth, self-help, public speaking, affirmation, beliefs and so much more. I have read countless articles on these topics from top leaders, motivators, speakers, writers and influencers.

Indeed, it has a tremendously positive effect on my life, but there was a time when I was hopeless and stressed as well because of it. I wanted to achieve. I wanted to grow. I wanted to become more than I was. I was working today, but for tomorrow or for after that. I have always been good to not to live in my past. But, I did not understand when rejecting my present to become my future-self became my habit. Although I was continuously improving and achieving, there was no joy and sense of achievement because I always have the next goal to achieve and better version of myself to become. I was living in the future. Sounds familiar?

I read a lot about living in the present moment and live the life now and many more, but this does not seem to take me anywhere. I do not remember how, but one day my wife suddenly made realize that I am rushing into life and not living it. I am grateful for that moment and I will be, forever. She explained how important is to be in the present moment and most importantly she reminded me that I am enough as I am. The desires to improve and to achieve more will always be there because we are human and our desires are eternal. Those words just switched on something in me. I feel enlightened. And, from that very moment, I decided to change myself. I decided to be in the present. I decided to live my life the way it is today, not the way I wanted it to be tomorrow or after that.

Before I go into detail about how I did it, I would like to give an idea of how it feels like practising it daily. My fingers will bleed if I write all the benefits I have experienced, but I will explain some of the most important ones. I sleep better like a baby because I have almost no stress. The food tastes amazing like never before because I eat it slowly. My relationship is on the top because I become patients. The people around me appreciate me more because I listen more. I learn more because I have more focus. I am happier because I live in a reality that is present, not the future. It is not only me who has noticed this change in me, but also the world around me knows that.

So, how I did it? The reasons for my hopelessness and stress were not my goals or my passion for the personal development, but it was the beliefs I carried. Once I fixed those beliefs, I was on the right track of progress, happiness, prosperity and self-love. Let me share with you my three lessons from this experience.

You are enough as what you are.

You are enough by diana-feil

Photo by Diana Feil

I had so many projects I wanted to work on, but I never started on them because I kept believing that I need to become more. I want to ask pay rise, try piano, practice public speaking, go travelling and much more, but I kept believe that I am not enough and in future, it will happen. Let me tell you until you believe that you are enough at this very moment, you will always be the same. Once you start believing in yourself and in your capability, things will start to happen. The magic is in your head. It is in your beliefs.

I am good enough. I can deal with every obstacle. I can. I will. I am that I want to be. These are the beliefs you must create about yourself.  These beliefs give you assurance for the present and strengths for tomorrow. With these beliefs, you live in the present with the faith. It protects you from the pressure you build on yourself for a better tomorrow because it is a fact that you are enough as what you are.

Today is always better than tomorrow.

Think about it hugues-de-buyer-mimeure

Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIME

Having long-term goals is a good thing, but the purpose to have the goals is to give you direction in the present. Have you ever celebrated the achievement of your goals for more than a week? No, Right?  But, you have enjoyed the process. It might be years of effort. When asked to 50 richest people in America whether they remember the time when they became rich, they do not remember when they become a millionaire, but they all remember the process because that is what they have enjoyed the most. We do not know whether the next day will come or will not come. We work for a goal in future because we have faith. Keep this faith in your mind, heart and soul and do whatever it is necessary to achieve the goal, but never forget that your aim is to enjoy the process. Enjoy it today and enjoy it now. Respect today because it will never come back. You can fix the mistakes and improve your strategy to achieve your goals, but this time is gone for forever. Be conscious of it that we are mortal. Today is always better than tomorrow because tomorrow is unknown.

Be grateful for everything you have and for everything you do not have.

Grateful by odin-lee

Photo by Odin Lee

We all the guilty of it. We want the things we do not have and take the things we have for granted.  I have learned it the hard way. Not being grateful gives you stress, puts you in negative emotion, and keeps you away from enjoying the things you have. It is most important than anything else that we value the things we have.

If you are not doing it, then I highly recommend it that you start doing it at this moment. Make a list of everything you have. Daily read this list and be grateful, be thankful for this list. Stop focusing on what you want for that moment; just focus on what you have. Be grateful for each action your spouse, your child, your neighbour, a stranger, or a friend takes you. Be thankful for the day you and your loved ones have been gifted by the life. Be thankful for the job you have, for the money you earn, for the meal you eat, for the health you have, for the city and country you were born in, and for everything. Develop a habit of being in this state. Stop complaining about the things you do not have. Be grateful to the life, to the universe, to GOD, to whatever you believe in that you have power, strength, and ability to achieve whatever you want and you will have it all.


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