If they could do the impossible, so can you.

To do the impossible

Photo by Ali Gooya

On December 17, 1903, four miles south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the first aeroplane took off. The pilots were Wright brothers – the inventor of the flying machine. Two brothers, with the formal high school education, made the impossible possible. They started with a dream, a purpose, and a belief. That invention has changed the world, but nobody believed them when they told they are working on a project called flying-machine.

There are thousands of stories as such, where men and women have proved again and again that impossible can be done. They all did it because they have found a method, a technique, or a process which help them to shape their destinies. Though it has been done by few, it can be done by all of us. We all already have the power to achieve anything we want as long as we have an ultimate dream.

A scientific study, which was conducted on the highly successful entrepreneurs, athletes, inventors, and achievers, has found a process to achieve the impossible. This process is now thought by best life coaches and mentors. Below is the four steps process to do the impossible.

Know exactly what you want.

Know what you want

Photo by Brendan Church

“It is the decision that turns the ordinary into a living legend.”

Our exterior world is a perfect manifestation of our true desires. Our mind has the power to manifest anything we order it to manifest. It does not matter what it is.

Roger Bannister becomes the first person in recorded history to run the mile in under four minutes. He was called crazy to think even try to do so, but he made a decision. He knew what he wants to do. Once it was done, 8 more runners did the same within one year and 57 more runners did it in the following year. He just broke the limiting beliefs.

Once you know what exactly you want, your mind will think about the ways to make it happen. This undivided focus gives us the power to manifest. Knowing what exactly you want is same as making a decision to achieve it. Start with a small goal such as what you want to achieve today or in a week and give your whole energy to it. When you achieve small goals, you prepare yourself to achieve bigger.

Redefine what pleasure and pain mean to you.

Define pleasure and pain

Photo by Robert Collins

Our greatest asset is our mind. It can create anything we ask it to create. In fact, our mind has the power to create the things which we have not even seen. You can close your eyes and if you focus, you can land yourself in a whole new fantasy world. You can create whatever you want. The only limit you have is what you put on yourself.

We are the master of our mind and our mind is the master of our body. Our body follows what mind has instructed it to and our mind follows what we have instructed it to. For example, if you want to lift a finger of your hand, you will instruct your mind that you want to lift one particular finger, then your mind will order your body to follow this instruction by sending a signal and your body performs the task. If you do not want to move your finger, in no way it is possible to move it. Our mind always works on instructions. That instruction might be given consciously or subconsciously.

Normally, 90% of our actions are driven by sub-conscious mind. These are the tasks we do without conscious thinking such as driving, eating, and walking. We call these actions habits. We all have good and bad habits. To achieve a particular outcome, we must adopt some particular habits.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

We can adopt new habit by programming our sub-conscious mind. Our sub-consciously mind is programmed by our environment. Everything we say, hear, do, watch, and read, programs it. To reprogram it, we must change our environment.

Our mind is wired in a way that it always prefer pleasure and resist pain. We also call it a survival instinct.  Any task which you think gives you pleasure become easy for you. On the other hand, any task which you think gives you pain becomes hard for you. To achieve big, you must define the necessary actions such as exercise and self-discipline as a pleasure and self-sabotaging behaviours such as procrastination and self-doubt as a pain to your mind. It is possible to do it by a constant reminder to yourself again and again until it becomes your normal way of thinking.

Align your mental image and self-chat.

Imagine and self chat

Photo by Kristopher Roller

For most of us, what we say and what we do are two different things. It is because our self-chat is not aligned with the order we give to our mind. Our mind takes the order in an image format. For example, you tell yourself that you want an orange. Immediately, an image of orange will appear in your mind. Even when you read a book, you can notice that you create images in your mind about the things and places mentioned in the book. If you are unfamiliar with the place, your mind tries to create one imaginary picture of it. Our body follows our mind.

“There are two types of pain you will go through in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tonnes.”

Let’s do a simple experiment with this so you can understand it clearly.

Close your eyes for a moment and focus. Now, imagine you are holding your favourite fruit in your hand. Slowly bring your hand near to your mouth and open your mouth. Give a big bite on this fruit.

Now, open your eyes. Did you notice that your mouth is full of saliva?  

What you did here is that you align your word (You want to eat a fruit) and mental image (You are eating a fruit). Even though you did not eat this fruit in reality, but your body doesn’t know this. Your body was given an order by your mind that release saliva so it can help to swallow and digest the fruit. Your body doesn’t care if you had that fruit in reality or not because it has to follow the order of its master which is mind. You can use the same technique to feel more confident or to feel happy. This is the power of our mind.

Every day before going to your bed and after waking up, say positive affirmations. Imagine that you are already that person you are trying to be. It is important that you feel what you say like you feel the orange in the above experiment. Your mind and body will start creating exactly the same results.   

Make your habits then your habits will make you.

Make your habits

Photo by Kate Trysh

Most of our actions are the result of our habits and our habits are the result of our beliefs. Do you remember going on diet or quitting smoking? You do it for some days, but you could not keep going. It is because you are trying to do something which is against your beliefs. Some of us have also experienced a time when we have changed our old habit within a day. For example, a doctor told you that stop smoking today otherwise you are dead and you suddenly stop smoking form that very moment. Although you knew that smoking kills, you have never accepted this truth as your beliefs until one day when doctor warn you.

“Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going.”

Belief is the foundation of our behaviour. If we fix our beliefs, we can achieve whatever we want. There are so many ways to develop new beliefs. Some of the great ways to adopt new beliefs are reading about it, writing positive affirmations, taking massive actions, being committed, and loving yourself. Although they all are very effective methods, taking action is one of the fastest and easiest ways to adopt a new belief. According to some studies, it takes 21 days to form a new belief and 60 days to develop a strong habit.

Once you decide what you want, what actions you must take to achieve it. Tell yourself that what pleasure and pain are. Start telling yourself that you can do it and imagine doing it the best way you can. Develop the belief by writing, reading, and listening. Take massive actions on the list you have made and you will have whatever it is you want.



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2 thoughts on “If they could do the impossible, so can you.

  1. I have never ride a bicycle in my life but when my daughters start learning bicycles…they say oh mumma you can’t ride bicycle. I thought that’s it I have to learn bicycle…I picked up my husband bike close my eyes and said to myself I can do it. After practicing 15 minutes I was riding bicycle…lol… so yes I totally agree with you and thanx for the article I need it for my new goals in life…GOD bless you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nupur, Thank you very much for your kind words. And yes, it is a very good story you told. It is the small things which make the differences in life so keep doing the small things and suddenly you will find that you are doing the impossible. Take care. and do not forget to read the below article as I am sure you will love them.

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      leave your thoughts.


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